The MEASURE EVALUATION SIFSA (MEVal-SIFSA) project’s mission is to sustainably enhance the capacity of government officials, and the PEPFAR implementers that support them, to identify data needs, collect and analyze technically sound data, and use that data for health decision making at national, provincial and district level.

The overall objective of MEval-SIFSA is to respond to the technical assistance needs of provincial and district health management teams by introducing and promoting standards-based methodologies, approaches and tools prescribed by national strategy and policy such as the District Health Management Information Systems (DHMIS) Policy 2011. While the resources provided cover national to district-level activities, it is expected that the effects of this work will translate into improvements at primary healthcare facility level.

Specific activities to achieve this are provided in annual work plans collaboratively developed with national and provincial Health Information Management, Monitoring and Evaluation clusters at national and provincial level. The project is focusing on three priority areas:

  • Implementation of strategies and policies to enhance strategic information, specifically the DHMIS Policy 2011, the eHealth Strategy 2012-2017 and other strategies as directed by the National Department of Health (NDoH).
  • Strategic information capacity building for data quality and use to enhance implementation of the National Indicator Dataset, Evidence-Based Health Management and improve outcomes of the annual audit of performance information by the Auditor General of South Africa.
  • Strengthening of routine health information systems such as the DHIS, ETR.Net and Tier.Net through implementation of DHMIS helpdesk solutions and application of interoperability standards for eHealth and mHealth as well as capacity building in the use of Geographic Information Systems.
  • Activities conducted in these 3 priority areas will provide a broad spectrum of technical support that reach all districts in South Africa, while also providing concentrated support to priority provinces and districts as identified by both SAG and PEPFAR/SA. The primary recipients are the Department of Health supported through the Health Information Management Monitoring and Evaluation (HIMME) cluster and other clusters as appropriate. Activities also engage the Department of Performance Monitoring and Evaluation (DPME) in the Presidency, whose M&E systems strengthening initiatives are also intended to support those of the NDoH.